Sunday, November 30, 2014

Digital Camera Memory Card Backup System With Inexpensive Windows Tablet

backup shot with a Panasonic Lumix point & shoot with its built-in flash triggering an off-camera Yongnuo flash.

A backup system based on an inexpensive 7" Windows tablet to automatically copy images on memory card in a digital camera to one or more hard disks. Seen in this picture:
(To reduce clutter, USB cables to connect various pieces are not shown. So is the power cable to power the USB hub.)

Although these hard disks support faster USB 3.0, this Windows tablet only supports slower USB 2.0 but gets the job done.

If one has access to laptop computer, this backup solution should be avoided or adapted for laptop.

More about my script to automate backup of memory cards here

I use this lighter tablet when I do not carry my laptop on trips. I haven't been able to get my iOS devices to do this type of backup. If you have a more elegant solution that uses an iOS device, I would like to know. Please leave me a comment with information.

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