Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lighting in Layers

Yes, I blame it all on the Flash Bus tour! Thanks, Mr. Strobist (and JoeM).

After attending the seminar in San Francisco, I watched the earlier DVDs, "Strobist Lighting Seminar". Having been a regular reader of, I kinda knew what goes on behind the scenes but seeing Mr. Strobist explain and then demonstrate them crystallized the concepts and techniques for me.

So I went ahead and ordered Strobist: Lighting in Layers with David Hobby (7 DVD Set) new for 2011. I am curious to find out what this latest instruction material on DVDs will contribute to my off-camera flash skills. Can't wait to learn from them!

(I will find out if these new DVDs contain concepts/techniques that were discussed/demonstrated in the earlier DVDs or if these new DVDs build on top of the earlier DVDs. That is another way of saying that I would also like to find out whether one needs to go through both sets of DVDs or just get the new set of DVDs and get same education.)



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